Unknown Facts About Metallica Revealed By The Experts


Many people know Metallica(heavy metal band) for their great performances, for the good music that they have created. The music they have done is without doubt paramount and a work of a true specialist that very few can do, what they have done. But, very little is known about Metallica, and today we are going to reveal this secret and the listeners of heavy metal music and hard rock also are going to learn something new.

The founder of this metal band it’s not from U.S.A, as many people thought this to be true, but from a country located in the northern Europe and the name is of this place is called Denmark. He did not listen to music and was engaged in some other activities that were not related to what he is doing today. What he has done before becoming a heavy metal star was all about the gameplay.

They had a new member that joined this heavy metal band, a very talented player. He could play very difficult music and move the fingers very fast, something that a bass player in every heavy metal or hard rock band, would lack this skills. His name is Robert, he became part of Metallica band in the year 2003 and is still a member of this group. Indeed, he got a very well pay when he joined this band.

Many people would think that Metallica is very well known in the United States and Europe, but that’s wrong. This band is also very popular all over the world. Continents such as Asia, they have  many fans that do listen to Metallica, and one of the most favorite song is master of  puppets. Also in Africa, they are very well known and have given many heavy metal concerts and the truth is that people in this place love them. It is something that many people would not believe to be true, but in fact, it is.

In the 21st century, Metallica did something they had never done before when doing heavy metal music videos. This time, they did cartoon animated video,  in the beginning,  many people did not like it. But in the years that followed it became very popular and still in 2016 many people like to see this video and never get tired of watch it, and by the way, the music also beautiful. The public and the fans are waiting for another one because it was really great.

Hope that this article shed some light about Metallica, and I believe that many listeners of this great band learned something new. Of course, there are some who already know what I wrote today, but I think I gave some other support points that you have not read elsewhere.