What The Experts Are Saying About Nu Metal


In the closing years of the 20th century on the stage of the music world would appear a new music genre, as a result of merging heavy metal elements, and as we know it today, nu metal. In 2007 nu metal it is equally important to its old predecessor. In contrast to everything, it was a new sensation for the listeners of the old one. Many did love it and some other did not like it.

Nu Metal it is one of the most preferred genres of heavy metal. It has a clear sound for the ears and many who compose it create a very beautiful line element. Like the brothers before this has also a great vibe of rhythm and energy that will lift up to the sky. The performers use also new sounds when performing electric guitar that fits perfectly the time we are living, in other words, it is very trendy. Until now this genre has demonstrated that will stand the test of time and indeed will stay at the top.

Generally speaking, there are many famous Nu Metal Band and we will name some of the most important ones. This is the list of some of them: Slipknot, Linkin Park, Korn, Disturbed and Papa Roach. Those bands have brought many new elements in Nu Metal. These bands are from the United States, the country that this music was developed and became what we listen today. The best creation has been done by Slipknot and this is the band that holds most of the fans. Also, to make it clear, the other bands have done a good job and this cannot be denied.

Mudvayne in the year 2000 released one of the best Nu Metal albums. To produce this miracle they collaborated with GGGarth, which helped them to make it a better one. No one thought that Mudvayne would do such a thing and as a matter of fact, the followers accepted it as one of the good ones. The rhythm was perfect, sometimes slow and sometimes fast. The lyrics were very professionally constructed, the words they used were expressed very well, and to conclude it was a major hit for Nu Metal music.

At the beginning of the 21st century, many Nu Metal bands received something unexpected because the music that they did was not well received as it was in the late years of the 90s. This happened due to the rise of other subgenres of heavy metal, as we saw the fans pushed to new styles such as industrial and melodic ones. Above all that, it still remains at a very good position, it is something normal to see ups and downs of such a creation.
To emphasize, there is nothing more original and transparent than this music style, and many people would ask why. Well, the answer is simple, it has a lot of spirit of power and more than anything else it has modernity in all forms.